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Over the years I've come to despise those "About Me" description boxes since I find it so hard to talk about myself. So I'll just give you a brief intro into who I am and all those good little details.

First and foremost, I am a child of God and a born-again Christian. So far it hasn't been easy, but I'm working on letting the Lord work in me. My name is Osirelis and it you're probably going to have a hard time saying it unless you have a gift for rolling your r's or you speak Spanish. My name doesn't mean anything since my mom just made it up, though I do wish it meant something cool. I was born January 2 which means I've lived all my life with people tending to give me an all-in-one holiday/birthday gift (bummer!) and really hard to plan birthday parties (everyone's out for the holidays).

I'm currently in college finishing my degree in Art Studio, but I plan to go to grad school for Education and get my Masters in the that while I simultaneously try to work on my Biology major (my real passion). I love all things in life and like my mom says, I was born with my "eyes wide open and full of curiosity." So naturally I try to do it all from sewing to crafting to woodworking and more. I'm definitely a jack of all trades, but I do try to master as much as I can in all I love to do. So this blog was made to follow my crazy adventures and attempts to create, accomplish, and conquer which has proven to be more of a disaster than anything else.

Here's a table of random info just to fill in the blanks :) :

Likes Dislikes

Taro Bubble Tea
Coming up with cool ideas
Crafting (of course!)
Running (sometimes)
Bubble Bars
Crazy jewerly

Cardboard squeaks (shudders!)
Having to change the oil in my car
Washing my car
Writing essays past 10 pages
Walking barefoot
Sand in my shoes
Humid weather
Kitties meowing at 6am
Reading boring books for class
Cutting onions
Cutting fabric (tedious work!)
Sound of forks squeaking on plates

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