Project Shoeshine: Part 3

Pencil Wednesday, August 17, 2011 clock at 8:43 PM

So...what have I been doing for the last 7 days? Thanks to the gorgeous weather (and one freaky thunderstorm/lightening experience) I was able to get tons done!

For starters, I went ahead and took all my cut and drilled plywood pieces and slapped on some wood filler. I used some really weird putty mix thing that my dad bought at Ollies last time we visited them. I hate that stuff and wouldn't use it again even in a tight pinch. It's very powdery once it dries and cakes. I had to use a LOT of it too since I was suuuper cheap and got the underlayment plywood for my project (BAD idea! Just spend the few extra dollars and get yourself some good quality wood! It will save you all the trouble). Anyways, I worked for a whole 8 hours on Monday with filling up all the holes with wood filler and then sanding. I also managed to squeeze in some primer on some of those guys. I used the Mighty Mouse sander from Black & Decker which really saved my life! I used 120/130 grit sandpaper before and after the putty to make sure I got all of the rough bits off.
Stupid knotholes
Why cheap wood sucks....

Wood Putty mix that totally sucked
All putty-ed up!
Don't forget the edges! They love to suck up paint.
Great workout! :) Especially if you go old school!
The next day I spent priming and sanding once again to get a really good smooth finish for the paint. Well, everything but the smooth, I still had really long striations in the plywood that I got too tired to fill with now my closet is going to have a really 'shabby chic' feel (haha!). I used 220 grit sandpaper after the primer which made it feel as smooth as it can get.

Coming up next is putting it all together! Ooh, so can't wait! I've come up with a really cute idea to finish the edges for my closet as well as the drawers. If all comes out as planned, get ready to see some bling! (hint hint, nudge nudge!)

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