Project Shoeshine: Part 2

Pencil Tuesday, August 9, 2011 clock at 6:05 PM

Thankfully the weather was beautiful today despite it being 94F outside, the shade was really cool and there was a nice refreshing breeze. Perfect day for working on my closet!

First thing I did was cut the wood to size....I already did this a couple weeks back and it was grueling work since that day was really hot! I used Otimize Nesting to figure out how to best cut out my parts from the plywood sheet. Here's an idea of what it looked like (only 1 of 3):
OptimizeNesting Cutting Layout
Cutting Layout (on my frist try on MDF which was a total fail)

Anyways, today we just added the holes needed for the shelves that will go on both Units A, B, and C. Unit A is for shoes, so that one had holes drilled into it all the way down both sides. Unit B and C have drawers so I just drilled the 1/4" in. holes about 1/2" deep or so. Since a shelf drilling jig is too expensive. I went ahead and used a pegboard for the job. I cut a 3" wide piece and using clamps, clamped it to the sides to drill my holes. My dad had a drilling press, so I just used that, but you can use a drill and a drill stop (or a piece of tape) for drilling your holes.

I used my CAD model for measurements and and such. For Units A and B, the shelving holes were made between 32 1/4" space.  I didn't drill holes about 6 inches from the top and bottom though since I didn't need my shelves to go that low.

3" wide strip of pegboard used as a shelving drill hole template
Pegboard in action!
You can use tape to let you know how far to drill
Holes for Unit C all done! (ignore the markings, they were big fails that were avoided!)
Well....that's all that was accomplished today. Next up is working on putting it all together.

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