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Pencil Tuesday, October 18, 2011 clock at 8:40 PM know what's hard? Having a lot of hobbies and a tiny little place. Seriously. It's so hard to cram everything in one spot. Remember how I mentioned before that my room is my studio, work area, beauty sleep place, and general craft area? Well, that mans I need a lot of storage room!

My room roughly measures about 15ft x 11ft. Pretty big for a bedroom compared to small bedrooms. My room was actually part of a larger bedroom in the basement. When we moved into our current home, my parents completely renovated the basement, cutting that bedroom into two and giving one half to me and the other half to my little brother. Sadly he got the rump end, which is fine for him since he doesn't seem like he needs all that space honestly.

Well, I found this really cool website called MyDeco where you can create mood boards, 3D representations of your room, and decorate a photo just to name a few. I used their 3D room designer and came up with the five furniture layout options below that I thought would work for my room.

Floor Plan #1. This design features two separate areas: work and sleep.

Floor Plan #2. The wall on the right is entirely covered in bookshelves.

Floor Plan #3. Ignore the little blue thing.

Floor Plan #4. Probably the worst design for foot traffic.
Floor Plan #5. Bookcases still divide space, but not room.

Out of these five designs, I'm really liking the very first one and last one. Not only do I have two separate areas, but I can keep my sleeping zone peaceful and away from work. Those and #3 use bookcases to separate the room in half and create more storage areas. I like #5 better than the first one just simply because I feel the room is still divided, but more open. #3 isn't too bad either. The only thing I'm not liking is probably the space and foot traffic issues. For starters, the wall the left of the bed is all mid-height bookcases, perfect for even more storage. There's a storage ottoman between them underneath the window too, perfect for reading books. In #1 it's behind one of the bookcases and near the closet door so that I can use it to get dressed, but I have three so I figured I could just move on of them over to that side. Floor plan #2 is pretty good too. I was thinking that whenever I get tired of the first one or the third one, I could switch it to the second one to spice things up. This one is more airy and open in space and feel. The right wall is lined with bookcases and the desk is under the window. The vanity is in front of the bed which is mostly centered in the room. The only issue I have with this is that I, being inherently messy, would have to work extra hard to keep desk/work stuff from creeping into my sleeping area.

The fourth design is the one I like the least. Foot traffic is horrible since I have to around the bed to get to my stuff instead of just going straight to it like in all other designs. Plus, I don't like the bed in front of the door since I'm super paranoid about mask robbers busting in hehe.

Anyways, I wanted to share this video from the IKEA website. It's what inspired my first, third, and fifth layout designs. Check it out:

Anyways, that's all I have to share today. My floors and room is still under construction which is getting to be very stressful. Can't wait till its over and I can plop into my new bed!

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Bethy said...

oh, that looks like a very interesting site! I'm bookmarking it for later use, yes ma'am. As for the floor plans you've shown, I like number 1 the best, personally, as it really makes the room feel like two separate areas which can each have their own personality. I'm interested in seeing what you finally decide. :)

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