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Ugh. Sleeping on the coach while stressed out with art projects and homework and work all piling up on you is a really stressful situation. In case you're wondering why I'm sleeping on the couch, well, my room is finally under construction! Ah, feels so good to say those words. After months of hoarding materials and having to stop myself from buying decor for a room that has not even been done yet, it's finally started! Here's some nasty before pictures for you to squirm over of my room.

This is my room with the old pink and green walls. I really loved this pink and
was sad to see it go, but it was a time for change, plus the pink made the
room look a little smaller. The really ugly formica floor tiles have been removed
so that's why the floor looks like molten lava/super dirty.
View from the other side. You can see my super small walk-in closet too.
Closet before. My mom had actually sawed a small desk and
stuffed it in there so I can have a place to sew and hide the
mess. Above that is a sawed bookcase and some hastily
 placed shelves.  My mom does not usually decorate like
this, but those were some desperate times.
Other side of closet.
Shelves above clothes rack.
All of my junk squeezed into the family room until my room is all ready to be stuffed again.

The color I chose for my walls was Secret Passage by Olypmic. It's a very gorgeous blue that has a bit of bluish tint underneath. I sometimes see some lavender too, but my dad sees more of the blue. I think it just really depends on the lighting. Here's the color swatch from They have it under blues too. Anyways, I picked it this color out on the first try and it looks absolutely amazing. I'm very happy with it and don't find it too dark or light.

OlympicName: Secret Passage
Collection: Blues

Number: D58 2

Pink stripe soon to disappear.

Ignore my lovely dad's bum. He was hard at work adding the self-leveling
compound when I snapped this picture. 

Well, that's currently my room under construction. I plan to do more to the walls than just leaving it in gray. The pink stripe will be painted in the same color as the walls and then glazed over in a silver glaze. From the chair rail molding and down, I plan to paint in very faint silver zebra pattern. I'm not too sure about that yet though. I was also thinking stripes wouldn't be so bad or a damask stencil or anything along those lines. I have until the floors are done to think this over. Any suggestions?!

Leave a blurb if you'd like and if any of you guys are remodeling out there, post a link, I'd love to see it!!!

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