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Pencil Wednesday, September 28, 2011 clock at 7:51 PM

Here's the mood board for my room design. I'm going for a gray palette with pops of bright colors and accents.

Here's what's featured in my mood board:
  1. Bed: The headboard design is actually from Brocade Home, their version of Myrica's Sir Elton headboard design. Unfortunately, it's no longer available. *sad face* 
  2. Icicle Chandelier: This is perfect touch for the decor in my room. At first I wanted a good ol' traditional crystal chandelier but then wanted something unexpected and found this little guy by accident to replace it with.
  3. Candy Bar: The candy bar is just an idea of how I want to kill two birds with one stone. I love to craft and my room serves not only as a place to sleep, but my craft room and studio as well. My plan is to use apothecary jars, cute vases, etc. to fill up with all my supplies and notions (pencils, buttons, strings, yarn, etc) so that it makes a cute display but also serves as storage. 
  4. Neon Frames: Cute way to add pop of color and a bit of retro vibe all in one! :)
  5. Felt Circle Garland: Just as an example of the color palette I'm aiming for in my room.
  6. Ottoman: This is probably the only piece of furniture in my room that is not going to be white. I want this in front of my bed and wanted to add one big color statement piece and think this guy should do the trick. 
  7. Curtains: I was having a hard time finding curtains appropriate for the rest of the design and colors in the room and ran into this one in Urban Outfitters. They fit in perfectly! This I think I will buy, but need to find out where I can get them for cheap. They have them in white too. Depending on how adventurous I'm feeling, I might get those instead and dye them to match the color scheme. But for $49 each pair, I probably wont risk it.
  8. Bedding: Not really into this, but the colors work great. If I can find bedding with fabric similar to the one on the ottoman, I'd be set!
  9. Rug: I'd probably get something with more color in it and fluffier. Tons and tons fluffier. Mmmm....fluffy carpet squishing underneath your toes in the middle of winter.
Well, that's it for my mood board. Now, to actually find stuff that fits in my budget. I've been saving allllll summer long (I'm bad at saving, but I think I've done a great job) and I'm ready to buy stuff. I've made a shopping list at Ikea, but its already WAY over budget. Darn.

Speaking of mood/inspiration boards, check out WakeUpFrankie here for some really great inspirational boards! These are sure to get your design juices flowing, at least they were for me.

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