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So, I'm in the process of redoing my room completely from top to bottom. I've been looking online for design tips and ideas for my room since I want to squeeze as much as I can, but still have tons of room. I've found some really good ideas as well as some interior design 101 info to share with you guys and also to save later on for me to see lol.

My room is about 15ft by 11ft and its pretty much a rectangular space. Since I still live at home, I can change the design of my room too much structurally or my mom, who's very particular about her design, will get mad. In other words, I have this annoying chair molding going all around my room which means I can't put bookcases or other things flush against the wall. I'm going to college too and have tons of hobbies so I need lots of storage space and desk space. I've had the same bed since I was 2 (it has a canopy and its a twin and its so unbelievably little girly like) and now that I'm 22.....its seriously time to to upgrade! I'll post my furniture shopping list up later, but let me get right down to all the cool tips and design help and ideas I've found.

Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom
  1. Create a focal point.   This is what you will want people to first see or notice when they come into the room. It should be your wow factor and what draws the eyes. For the bedroom this is usually the bed, but it can be any piece of furniture you want to highlight and show off like a cool armoire or maybe even a painting.  I do highly recommend the bed though.
  1. Balance.   I'm not going to get too much into balance, but will let you know that there are three types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Click here to learn more. 
  2. Color.   Color does a lot for your room than you'd think. Besides creating a certain mood or feel, it can also create or reduce the appearance of space. If you have a small room and want it to appear bigger, lighter colors create the since of airiness which opens up a room. If you have a large room and  want to keep the furniture minimal, I would suggest darker colors since it helps to close the room and make it appear smaller. In my case, I'm going with a lighter color on my walls to help open it up. I also don't get much natural light because of the trees in the backyard so lighter colors will help me a bunch.
  3. Organization.   Organization in a room is a big factor! If you want your room to look like a magazine page or a showroom, keep it clean at all times. What separates a good room from a bad room in my opinion is mess. No matter how beautifully designed your room is, if it's messy it loses its touch and looks anybody's ol' room. To keep your room clutter-free and organized shouldn't cost space or design. You'll be surprised of what you find out there and all the wonderful furniture these days that have hidden space. 
  4. Accessorize!   Imagine your bedroom as an outfit. You've a great pair of jeans (nightstands) and cute blouse (bed) and some gorgeous boots (dresser, armoire, etc.) with an amazing belt and designer bag to pull it all together (desk, bookcases, any other furniture). Now that you're all dressed and ready to go you take one last glance at the mirror and notice you fell very....bland. You're missing something and then, "Aha!" you realize what it is and quickly run to your stash of jewelry and make-up to polish off your look. Just as your outfit needs a great set of pearls or some really cute earings, so does your room. Accessorizing not only pulls the look together, but it's what makes the room pop!  Thinks pillows, paintings, pictures, great pair of window shades, candles, and the like. All these little details is what makes the room personal too and they're so fun to pick out too!
This is pretty much all I have so far, but check out the links below. Not only are they super helpful, but they teach you the how and why of interior design so you can design your own room. 
  • A Designer's World: This blog not only features the basics of interior design (such as rhythm, scale, emphasis, balance, etc.) but also shows you some great examples and gives you some tips. I've learned much from here and it's one of my favorite sites.
  • HGTV: Everybody should know this one already. They have tons of pictures and design ideas and tips.
  • Kristy Mastrandonas: A great interior design blog to check out for some tips and ideas. 

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